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Bingo has always been a much liked social game, and now it can be played on the internet also. Playing bingo can be fun, relaxing and exciting, all at the same time.

We started our Bingo in March 2008 and it has quickly grown to become an unbelievably popular and much played bingo. We that work with the Bingo have developed personal relationships with our players, and regularly arrange bingo-get-togethers in which we do trips together with our players. We have, for instance, been on cruises, and the next time we will travel to Gran Canaria. For us it is not only Bingo that is important but the togetherness and the fellowship that comes with Bingo. I can nearly guarantee you that you as player will become totally captivated by our Bingo! Do as so many many others are doing, play bingo at MamaMia Bingo!

If you wish you can learn more by reading about the rules of our Bingo, and how you play bingo online, and our Bingo-games.

Chat hosts

Online Johan Palm

Jag finns i Chatten samt i Supporten. Glöm inte att lägga till mig på communityn :)

Online Jan-Vidar Jansson

Jag är en glad prick från Söderköping som gärna hjälper er i supporten eller pratar lite strunt i chatten! :)

Sara Sajaniemi

Heipä hei! Olen Sara ja työskentelen asiakaspalvelussa. Törmäillään chatissa! =)

Gran Canaria 2012


At MamaMia we have a very pleasant chat companionship. Watch and enjoy the movie from out Gran Canarias trip.

Färdigbusat i chatten av Linda

Hej på er goingar,

Det har nu kommit till min tur att tacka för den här tiden och ge mig ut på nya äventyr hemma i Sverige.


Det har varit otroligt roligt att spendera denna tid med er i chatten med allt bus och skoj vi ha...
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