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MamaMia Bingo has grown rapidly and has become one of the most popular websites for playing bingo online.

As player you have a marvelous freedom of choice in playing bingo online, as you can choose precisely where, when and how you play. Our games are always open, each day all around the clock.

When you play bingo online you also have the incredible opportunity to learn to know bingo players from all over the world, i.e. from different cultures and backgrounds, in the bingo chat, or in our bingo community. And it happens, here at us at MamaMia, that people meet and become friends for life.

Bingo online does not differ very much from ”ordinary” bingo. You can choose if you want to mark your cards yourself, or if you want to relax and let the computer handle the job. An advantage with playing bingo online is that you have several types of bingo to choose from. And in addition to this, you will find that perhaps the most enjoyable feature in online bingo is that you can play various entertaining chat games on the side, in which you have the chance to win some extra money for playing.

Some people are under the misconception that there is a risk with online bingo in that you could lose winnings if your computer goes down or is shut off during a game, but this is not true. You will not lose money, and this actually is perhaps the primary advantage with playing bingo online. All games are recorded and saved, and you can, any time you want, run a replay of a game. You can even buy cards for a game in advance, to register for playing in advance, if you want to participate in playing for a big jackpot, if it would be so that you cannot participate in the game when it is played. All you winnings will automatically be paid into your play account. You will see that you really will come to appreciate the joy of bingo online when you play it!

In other words, online bingo is a fantastic alternative for all us that love bingo!

Welcome to the pleasure and camaraderie in the chat!

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