Rules for Bingo

On this page you can read more about our rules for bingo, and various types of bingo.

At MamaMia Bingo you can play bingo either by yourself, or with fellow people. When you play bingo together with other participants you can, throughout the game, chat with your bingo friends. At certain periods our chat moderators join in the chat, to partake in the conversations and to arrange chat competitions.

For each game the size of the kitty is determined by how many cards have been bought for the game. You can see how the kitty will be shared under the heading ”Winnings plan” in the play room. If there are several players reaching bingo at the same time the kitty will be distributed evenly among them.

In all our bingo games you can, as a player, win a jackpot. Part of the money for the cards is set aside for the jackpot, and to win it you have to reach bingo within a certain number of balls (drawn numbers). The level of the current jackpot (i.e. the amount of money in the pot), and the number of balls for winning it, is shown in the jackpot square at the side of the cards. A game is finished when somebody has won a full card, and the prizes are handed out. You can find your result of the game in ”Game history”, and there you also can click on some of the earlier played games that you would like to see a replay of.

Bingo rules and types of bingo

You can, below, read about the rules for the different types of bingo that we offer.

Variant bingo
90-ball bingo

Variant bingo

The greater part of our bingo games belong to the most common kind of the game, variant bingo. In this variety of bingo there are five sub-draws, which means that you have several possibilities to win. At the first draw the objective is to get bingo (all number matches) in one row, either horizontally or diagonally. In the draws 2-5 you need five matches for a row in 2-5 rows simultaneously (number of rows corresponding to the draw number), and the rows must all be on one card (5 x 5 rows).


Pic-bingo is played as ordinary bingo, with the only difference that in this bingo you have to match a pattern that is assigned to the particular round of play. This pattern is shown in the play client.
As in all our bingo games, the winnings are deposited directly into your play account, and also, in this game you have the chance of winning a jackpot.

90-ball bingo

In the 90-ball bingo game there are, as the name indicates, 90 balls in play. The cards differ from the cards in the ordinary variant bingo in that they contain only three rows. And further, some squares already have entries in them. In this game, as in the other bingo games, the aim is to get matches for all numbers in one row, and after that the matches for two rows, and finally three rows. You have a chance to win the current jackpot if you get the matches for a full card within 50 balls.

Hopefully there is nothing unclear about our bingo rules to you, and if something still needs sorting out, then please know that you are always welcome to contact us with inquiries.

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At MamaMia we always try to see to it that you, as customer, are happy with our bingo games. Please do email us if you have suggestions regarding the different games, or if you need more precise explanations of the rules. We will do our best to fulfil your wishes!  Please send your email to:

We, at MamaMia, wish you a happy, fun and exciting bingo experience!

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